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 A college professor once told me that I should become a writer. 

 I suppose he should've been more specific because I ended up in advertising. 

 Anyhoo, here are a few short stories I've managed to write over the years, if only to see that I could. 

 I give special thanks to St. Francis de Sales, patron saint of writers, for his patience. 

 And to you for finding them. 

Image by Christopher Campbell

"A Song for 

 the Ice Cream Man."

On what appeared to be an unremarkable day, an ice cream man adrift in a shattered life is given an unimaginable gift.

Image by dylan nolte

"Among Her

 Late Husband's Things."

For six years, James P. Marshall lived with the persistent fear that one day his wife would uncover his incomprehensible secret. One day, soon after his funeral, she did.

Image by Juliana Malta


If there was one thing Rita had a flair for, it was make-up. If there was a second thing Rita had a flair for, it was being in the right place at the wrong time.

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